Best Friend Friendship Breakup Letter | The Girl Next Door is Black

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  • Baydian Girl
    April 17, 2015

    I just have to say that this is why I don’t like the term bff. I prefer bffn – best friends for now because time and people change.

    • I agree. I only use the term BFF in jest these days. I have best friendS, which I know drives some people crazy since “best” implies one person. Whatever, I’m not trying to rank my friends. 😉 I use the term best friend to imply a certain level of closeness.

      • Baydian Girl
        April 24, 2015

        Exactly! I’m still a little scarred from the term so I’ve stuck with close friends or giving terms of endearment. I guess my view is that each friend brings something special to my life and I thank them for that.