Hey Internet friends!
Remember me? I know it’s been a minute since we caught up. You might have wondered if I disappeared for good or ran off to join a convent.

Well, guess what? I’m back (kinda)! Turns out, eight years away wasn’t enough to squash my impulse to share my opinions with the world at large.*

I’ve got two big announcements and I hope you’re excited about them!

Introducing your new favorite podcast

I’ve teamed up with my sister Chantal, who is way funnier than I am (shh, don’t tell her I said that) to launch Cross Gen Sisters, a podcast where we hilariously bridge the gap between a late Gen X’er (me) and a Millennial (her). Tune in for unfiltered takes on pop culture, internet trends, and generational quirks. Join us as we navigate the chaos of the modern world!

Check out a 60-second clip from our first episode

Listen and subscribe now for your biweekly dose of laughter and sisterly love!

Say hello to The Girl Next Door is Black’s successor

This Black girl next door may officially be a middle-aged woman now (gulp), but middle age doesn’t mean out-of-touch. Enter my new Substack newsletter The Midlife Mashup! Consider it your go-to guide to staying in the know with can’t-miss recommendations for the latest and greatest in culture and the web— from gotta-check-it-out podcasts and Reddit threads to you’re-gonna-want-this items. Plus, bite-sized observational insights and wry commentaries for people with busy lives.

Stay curious and stay relevant, midlifers!

Sign up now to get on the list and be among the first to know when The Midlife Mashup officially launches!

*If after all these years you’re like “new decade, who dis?” Here’s a refresher: I’m the one who wrote gems like the cautionary tale That Time I Almost Accidentally Joined a Cult and the angsty San Francisco, I Think I’m Over You.

Hope you’re all doing well. Thanks for sticking around and I look forward to having you along for this new ride. Seriously, it’s going to be good!

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