Friday Five: Weekly Twitter Roundup 5/22/15

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The best tweets from five top trending stories on Twitter this week!

In this week’s Friday Five: A deadly shootout in Waco, POTUS joined Twitter, Josh Duggar is a hypocrite, #SayHerName vigils, and rejected university classes.

Friday Five: Weekly Twitter Roundup 5/22/15 | The Girl Next Door is Black

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  • Ray F (@BritishMumUSA)
    May 30, 2015

    I know we chatted about this first set of tweets…Yeah you bad boys killing 9 of your playmates, why don’t you go sit on the curb until we come talk to you. Oh and here take your phones so you can text and call people. Unreal, I don’t see many pictures with them in cuffs, that is for sure!!! Unreal…. Seriously unreal.

    OK so I really thought that the White House/ POTUS was already on Twitter…. Nice little tweet between POTUS and the Ex.

    It just amazes me how far we have not come….. It is so sad. Did you hear about the letter that some nasty individual wrote to a black family in Lindenhurst, NY. It took me nearly an hour before I realized that it wasn’t my town that it was written in. I was FLIPPING out!!!!! I want so desperately for us all to come together.

    I don’t even know what to say with regards to Duggar, it is just beyond disgusting…… For someone that spews such hatred to then come clean about molestation. URGH!!!!!!! Hypocrisy at it’s finest!!!!!

    Oh my college……. I hope my child chooses wisely!!!


    • The Girl Next Door is Black
      June 2, 2015

      I did hear about that letter. I feel for that family. No one should be subjected to that kind of ignorance.

      What’s also disgusting about the Duggar situation is how many people are bending over backwards to defend Josh Duggar. They don’t say a peep about the girls he molested, but defend him. I got an angry tweet from one of their “fans” because I said the whole thing is sick.

  • Mrs. AOK
    May 26, 2015

    What a week! Crazy how 140 characters can say so much about our country. :-/
    Josh Duggar does not equal family values. What he did to his victims (which includes his sisters, allegedly) is beyond disgusting, wait, the message the family put out on their FB is. It’s almost like the victims were a second thought, and poor Josh made some childhood mistakes. WTF!?!
    So, they preach saving yourself until marriage, but umm this. UGH!!!! Sad.

    • The Girl Next Door is Black
      May 29, 2015

      The more I’ve read about this family’s stance on the “role” of women and their handling of sexual abuse, the more disgusted I am, and the more I feel like all those kids are being abused in one way or another. It’s so disturbing.

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